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Allan Gilreath

Allan Gilreath, Registered Piano Technician (RPT), President

As a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) he constantly strives to improve and upgrade his skills as a technician in order to better serve you as our client. Participation in continuing education venues such as workshops and seminars as well as research, teaching other technicians and authoring technical articles further those efforts. His Bachelor degree in Music Business from Berry College, many years of work in the piano sales and service industry and vast experience in servicing and restoring pianos places him in a perfect position to focus on the piano player's needs. In addition, Allan served as the Service Consultant for Bechstein America, LLC and as a volunteer for the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) serving in the roles of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Regional Vice Presient, Institute Director, Bylaws Committee Chair, Chapter President, Chapter Vice President, and more. With over 45 of experience with pianos, Allan's owes a debt of gratitude to those technicians who have added to his store of knowledge and experience.

Many thanks go to: Dale Probst, RPT for general mentoring and constant support; Larry Crabb, RPT for many years of guidance; Christopher Robinson, RPT for special training in Concert-level voicing; Nicholas Gravagne, RPT for his guidance in the building of soundboards; David Stanwood, RPT for tutelage in the Stanwood Precision Touch Design (tm) system; Bruce Clark of Wessell, Nickel & Gross for mentoring on action design; Werner Albrecht, klavierbaumeister for many email and calls answered about the intricacies of European pianos, especially Bechsteins; Chuck Cook, RPT for his decades of guidance and support; and many more than can be mentioned here.

Allan's work also owes a huge thank you to his College Mentor, Dr. Stan Pethel at Berry College

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Bachelor of Music

Registered Piano Technician (RPT)

Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer

Bechstein University

PTG Institute Director 2002

PTG Member of Note

PTG Atlanta Chapter Charlie Pritchett Award

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Shingle

Leah Roach

Leah Roach, Vice President, General Manager

Leah's experience in coordinating and scheduling piano service places her in the position of handling the day-to-day needs of the office and maintaining her exceptional rapport with the customers. One of her strong points, in addition to her talent and her faith, is her ability to match the needs of the piano customer with a particular instrument. She stands ready at all times to make those perfect matches. She serves the community in numerous capacities and serves her church as leader of the Praise Team.

Susan Frix

Susan Frix, Piano Teacher

Susan is a life long resident of Calhoun, a graduate of the music department of Berry College and veteran instructor in piano. Susan has been a church musician for over 30 years and brings the unique skills of live performance to bear in her teaching. She teaches a wide range of age groups from 4 to Adult. Susan also coordinates annual recitals for all of her students who wish to participate.